I love the sun but what to do when I already got sun damage

We love sunny days, especially here in Florida and that may give you a spring in your step, but could there be a darker side to sunshine? We all know about the damage tanning booths can do, but the sun can also cause harm to our skin in various ways.

Sun damages your skin:

Sun ages your skin by destroying the elastic tissue inside it, making it less ‘springy’ and therefore more prone to wrinkles.

Sun causes yellow discoloration of the skin, which makes you look ill and sallow. This is often why people become ‘addicted’ to sunbeds, because they hate the way their skin looks when it is no longer tanned.

Mottling of the skin.

Makes small blood vessels under the skin dilate, causing thread veins.


What to do when the sun already damaged your skin?

The best way is to cut your risks of skin cancer and further damage dramatically with using a high sun protection factor (SPF) – at least  factor 15, and higher. We sell high quality sun protectors and would love to advise you that suits to your skintype.

When the sun already damaged your skin we have several treatments to reverse sun damage. Age spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation are advanced skin care problems caused by sun damage. We recommend combining peels with a non-invasive treatment such as Advanced Microdermabrasion.