Our clients

Women, men, teens and young adults


Keeping your skin in good shape with a special treatment or facial and the right products can help you defy your age, even if it can’t necessarily alter your DNA and turn you into an exceptional ager. Volume loss and loss of firmness in our face, dark spots (also from sun damage), dry skin and wrinkles are the most commen problems.

We offer different (medical) treatments and facials like Microcurrent, Microdermabrasion and VascuTouch for anti-aging.

We also recommend you our high quality skin products that we offer from well-know brands like PCA Skin, Image, Dermophisiologique and Green Tea Botanicals. boasting natural, flawlessly beautiful skin every day without any help.


More and more men are taking care of their skin by getting skin treatments and using skin products. The face of men are the more sensitive than the face from women. Men’s facial skin is thicker than women’s but for example shaving can cause irritation and razor bumps and be a big problem. With proper face care, those hazards can be made a thing of the past and a clean, smooth face will occure. We offer special threatments and facials for men and sell high quality products that take good care of men’s skin. A popular treatment for men that we offer is the Detox Pore Minimizer.

Teens and young adults

Adolescence is an exciting and often troublesome time for teens suffering from skin conditions. Hormonal changes can lead to many new conditions that may be exacerbated by social pressures and teasing. Acne is the most common skin disease for teens.

Some acne conditions can scar the skin on the face if not treated properly. Other dermatological problems that effect teens are skin allergies and over-exposed skin from tanning beds. Early treatment will help get acne or other skin issues under control and may prevent devastating scarring and emotional distress to young adult teens. We use safe and effective treatments for acne and other skin issues.