No pain, No downtime. Amazing results!

Get exceptional wrinkle reduction without any pain or downtime, so you can continue your daily routine while looking younger and feeling confident.


  1. Is it ok to use CooLifting after microneedling? CooLifting can be used in conjunction with microneedling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other procedures to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by these procedures.
  2. Is there any downtime after a treatment? There is NO downtime after CooLifting. In fact, it’s a perfect “Red Carpet” facial before a special event like a black tie dinner, wedding, or class reunion.
  3. How long will it take to see results? There is an immediate luminosity to the skin. Within 12-24 hours of the treatment, you will also notice a tightening/lifting effect. Clients who sign up for a package of three treatments followed by monthly follow-ups will see substantial improvement over time.
  4. Is there any maintenance required after a treatment? Post-treatment, you can return to your regular skin care regimen with a good moisturizer followed by a mineral sunscreen. These guidelines also apply if you get CooLifting “maintenance” treatments.
  5. Can people with sensitive skin be treated with CooLifting? Yes. CooLifting can be used on all skin types or degree of pigmentation. Clients of all ages can benefit from the intense hydration benefits of CooLifting.

DID YOU KNOW? It has been observed that when skin is exposed to high concentrations of carbon dioxide, the body responds by releasing more oxygen to the area creating a “lifting and plumping” appearance. CooLifting is a “Dermal Delivery System” (DDS) – a technology that improves the application of active ingredients on the skin. CooLifting’s unique hyaluronic acid serum also contains Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice and Wheat Protein which helps improve the overall appearance.

INTRODUCING COOLIFTING. Unlock your skin’s potential for radiance and luminosity in just 4 minutes with the newest facial technology from Europe. CooLifting is a new facial that combines a controlled spay of carbon dioxide and a blend of hyaluronic acid and botanicals to generate beautiful results with no downtime, no injections, and no pain.

INDICATIONS FOR USE/ BENEFITS OF COOLIFTING BEFORE AND AFTER TREATMENT LENGTH. CooLifting is a four-minute treatment in which a proprietary serum is dispensed on areas typically plagued by fine lines and wrinkles. As shown above, application is concentrated on the areas in tan. Expect to feel the most tightening 12-24 hours after a treatment, as well as noticing an overall healthier look and feel to your skin. CooLifting is the ideal facial – effective, fast-acting, and risk-free. Luminous and radiant skin. Hydration and oxygenation enhanced for youthful and healthy looking skin. Tissue stimulation for skin evening and fine line lifting. Calming of skin after microneedling, microdermabrasion, laser surgery and other procedures.

IMMEDIATE REDUCTION OF FINE LINES AROUND EYES. FINE LINE REDUCTION ON UPPER CHEEK, AROUND EYES AND INCREASE IN LUMINOSITY SMOOTH SKIN AROUND ORBITAL BONE AND INCREASED HYDRATION WHY CARBOXY SPRAY? Simply put, cryotherapy is treating the skin with extreme cold. 100 years ago, practitioners employed a block of dry ice carbon dioxide to treat problem areas of the skin. Today, carbon dioxide is sprayed onto the skin in combination with hydrating serums to restore hydration, luminosity, and create a more youthful look to your skin.

HOW IT WORKS? CooLifting works by using a carboxy spray to deliver a hydrating serum to problem areas of the skin. CooLifting can be done in just a few minutes and there is no downtime after your session. There is no pain with CooLifting and you can resume your normal skin regimen the next day.

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