Detox Pore Minimizer

Detox Pore Minimizer (especially for men)

Do you have enlarged pores? Discover the causes of enlarged pores as well as pore minimizer solutions you can use to reduce their visibility for a smoother facial complexion. Pores are tiny passageways through your skin that allow it to breathe, secrete natural sebum oil to keep skin hydrated, and excrete toxins from your body. They appear visibly enlarged when excess oil, environmental pollutants, dead skin cells, and/or bacteria, causing your facial skin to look pitted and oily. When dirt, oil, and other substances clogging your pores make contact with oxygen, they oxidize to form the type of acne commonly known as blackheads, which often results in pores becoming even more visible.

A number of factors can influence the likelihood of a person developing enlarged pores. These include, but are not limited to genetics, sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, or a decrease in your skin’s collagen production. The American Academy of Dermatologists estimates that sun exposure is by far the leading contributor to pore size, accounting for 80% of the physical changes responsible for enlarging pores. As you likely already know, people with genetically oily skin are at an increased risk of developing enlarged pores due to excessive oil buildup. Eating an unhealthy diet contributes to pore enlargement by putting an increased amount of toxins in your body, which results in a greater number of toxins being excreted through your pores by your body’s natural detoxsystems. Pores also lose elasticity with age as your skin produces less collagen, which means they will have a harder time returning to their natural size after being clogged.

Detox Pore Minimizer minimize your pore’s visibility, and give your skin a smoother, more consistent complexion. Call us so we can explain you more.